Not waving but drowning...


I remember a poem we learned at school (is it learned or learnt - I should know!) - it was about a guy (I think!) who was way out to sea and people were watching him from the shore - he was waving, or so they thought, so they waved back.

He was drowning.

Yesterday one of my besties called me and I was recounting a time when I really needed physical help and some of my closest thought I was waving when I was drowning. At the time I brushed it off because we want to think the best of the people we love and often, as Steve Jobs said, we can only really connect the dots when looking back.

Life has been a bit rocky (for us all) and on Monday I truly felt that I was a bad omen - I reached out to some of my loves to get a temperature test because we're all better at other people's lives, right. And the conclusion I came to - because I do believe that life shows us the things we need to learn when we're paying attention - wasn't that I'm a bad omen but life was showing me some things I needed to, finally see.


My favourite thing - after conflict that is.

I had supper - yes I know in real-life can you imagine - with some old friends (not as in age but in time kind of old) tonight and we spoke about so many things but we kept circling back to the essence of it all. I also came across a meme today which encapsulated it all - for me at the moment. It said BElieve in YOUrself ... BE YOU.

I guess that's really our journey here, right? There's a quote that says something along the lines of, perhaps it isn't about becoming it's about undoing all the things we were thought we were meant to be to become the real version of ourselves.

There's no real point to this blog other than to say it's ok when we're not ok - it sucks and I always want to fast forward through the yuckiness BUT yesterday I asked for help and you know what ...there it was. I'm mostly, like all of us I think, hard-wired to present perfect and yet that just perpetuates the cycle of facades and no one benefits from that.

So when you're drowning, don't wave, reach out, we're all in this together. I love you, we can do hard things.

P.S. Anyone remember the poem - it's driving me nuts! (Oh right, google is your friend!)

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Monday, 27 June 2022