We are the people

It’s lighter later here and, despite the heat, the promise of Autumn comes. My usual routine takes me into the garden, once my house animals are fed and watered, and a short trip around our small garden. I feed the various birds — large and smalll, water the garden and kick balls for the dogs […]

It’s never too late

To start (over or anything) “I’ve learned, as time passes, all the things you are afraid of will come and they will go and you will be alright” Stevie Hicks I was 44 when I left my nearby 2 decade heterosexual relationship I was 46 when I met the love of my life I was […]

I fell in love with Skye

Late-onset-lesbianism (LOL) is a term one of my besties mentioned me to many years ago. I laughed about it mostly because of the LOL part but I kinda sorta could understand why, having been married to a man for many years a woman MIGHT just get sick of the man-flu elements and decide that a […]

Believe in yourself, princess

I don’t imagine my princesses in the same way as others do, either kissing their husband in marital perfection or the cynical version where they are drunk in the kitchen, living out their happily ever after in a haze of poor decisions. No, I think Cinderella becomes a fashion designer, stops smoking and takes back her […]

You can’t give people what they want

You can’t give people what they want but you can give them something else. You can give them understanding – of yourself – there’s truth and connection there and, as women, we need to more honest with ourselves and our loves, everything depends on that.  If you want into my heart, here’s the truth, I’m […]

Between feeling and not feeling

The longer I live the harder it is to discern between the stronger emotions. They all spill into each other where they begin. The longer I go, though, the more I can tell between not feeling and feeling. For this is all that seems to matter.  Not feeling puts me on the sideline, makes the […]

The bully you live with…

Today seems like a good day to talk about anxiety – starving off a panic attack isn’t for the faint-hearted. Surea and I were sitting having breakfast at my dining room table, it was a Sunday morning, all my animals were happy and healthy, the day was beautiful, I was in my favourite place – […]

Love is love

It’s 3:15 on a Thursday morning. I can’t sleep because I’m anxious. The love of my life is having a procedure tomorrow and I’m terrified that something will go wrong. It won’t. The odds are stacked against that but lets not bring common sense to a 3 am rambling! The seasons are changing – I […]

Alex. I’m here.

“People who dream when they sleep at night know of a special kind of happiness which the world of the day holds not,” Are you nervous? You’re talking very fast. Of course, I answer. And we drive into the sunrise. My mind and mouth running stories and Skye yawning off nausea. We looked at Pinterest […]