I think we’re all a little ‘magpie-ish’ in that we get attracted to bright shiny things – people, places, life purposes. Sometimes it’s a distraction, the need to rescue, a desire to fill our lives with fun times and happy people.

One of my loves sent this beautiful video the other day – full of wise words and thoughtful things, the phrase that jumped out at me the most was ‘choose people who choose you.’ Simple right? Simple but not always easy.

I’ve made a lifetime – until of late – choosing people who didn’t choose me. Believing that their approval, love, and understanding of me was a need to have and not a nice to have. I was asked this question once before and my answer was ‘it’s a need to have’ and the response I got was ‘well you don’t have it and look at you living your life anyway’

It’s years later and I think I’ve finally got it. We can spend a lifetime chasing approval from people who will never see, hear or really understand us or we can choose ourselves and reap the rewards of falling in love with the life that follows.

Just tell your story, tell it all, they will understand, you will be fine.

I love you. We can do hard things.

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