I read this, this morning, and smiled to myself. There are some things that are best forgotten … but there are a couple of things worth remembering that are too easily forgotten. Those times in your life when you felt absolutely alone and uncertain. And yet somehow, perhaps beyond perception, there was a great click after which suddenly a new friend appeared, an idea was imparted, a connection established, causing the tides to turn and the floodgates to open.

And remembering this, should such alone and uncertain times ever revisit, however dark they may seem, you’ll at least be comforted by recalling how transient they always are.

We all have those absolutely alone and uncertain times. This morning my love woke up to a deluge of mean tweets and all she’s trying to do is help. One of my friends is counting the sleeps until her love returns home from being away too long. Another love is feeling overwhelmed with family responsibilities and ‘what to do because it’s all too much.

On it goes. Life.

But somehow we do always make it through. We do dig deep – even if that feels like a nap on the carpet in our studio (yes that was me) or staying in your pj’s all day (probably also me!) but, and again, one of my loves shares an email and the clanger was this ‘spiritual awakening is absolute cooperation with whatever happens in the present moment.

So, my loves, wherever you find yourself today may you find yourself there.

We can do hard things. I love you.

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