This ‘love fern’ (think ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’ type love fern!) was painstakingly bought back to life when my love Skye forgot to water her. One of my best friends, Jax, rescued the plant and told me how to bring it back to life – I did it, she’s my garden guru, and look now!

She’s blooming.

But this isn’t about that, although I’m very happy to have the love fern back. This is a story of patience and persistence.

Life has taught me, sometimes harshly, that patience (not something I was generously gifted with) is one of the main sources of contentment because if we’re patient – with ourselves and our loves – then we’re allowing us all to grow into the best versions of ourselves. Too often I hammer and nail a situation when really all I need is to step away and let some air around it all.

Persistence is the point at which we feel we can’t have one more conversation or take that next step or do the scary thing and be the better person but we do because we said we would and our words matter.

Coming to life or back to life (I’m never sure which it is) just takes time – give yourself, and your loves, that.

Just tell your story, tell it all, they will understand (or not) you will be fine (either way)

I love you. We can do hard things

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