Anyone who knows me knows that P!nk and I are best friends (she doesn’t know it yet but that’s not the point) and of course her latest song (and documentary) ‘All I know so far’ is typically brilliant. In listening to the bio for her new movie (I know right!) she said, amongst other things, “I want it to be worth it for my family; it’s a concert, it’s a tour but it’s also the story of our life.”

The story of our life.

I love that, and not just because P!nk said it.

Because she’s right, that’s what this is – one endless (pls God) story that we’re writing ourselves; sometimes in words, pictures, adventures, home, heart, and everything in between.

The story of my life, so far, is that I’m raising Panthers and Wolves (at least that’s what they tell me they are), writing and trying to make a living, riding (again), and walking my wolves (Blu is the biggest one of all), trying to show up for myself and my loves, being a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a wife (!), a friend and so many other labels – the most important one – is I’m being myself.

Skye likes to ask ‘what are you doing with your one precious life?’ my answer is all of that and more, I hope, because life is for celebrating and showing up and leaning in to and feeling ALL of the feelings.

What are you doing with your one precious life?
I love you. We can do hard things.

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