I’m good with other peoples lives … my own life, not so ‘smooth sailing’!

Isn’t that the irony.

My friends and I are each others sounding boards – I include my sister when I refer to my friends, because she’s both (sorry Marms!)

The other day my love and I were, as I’ve said before, naval gazing …. it’s really quite interesting being in a same-sex relationship – something I’ve never experienced before! There is endless conversation and contemplation.

In my previous relationship, with a man, I used to believe that he wasn’t my ‘go-to-person’ because men are wired differently to woman and I never expected that from him; my friends are, as I said, my sounding board.

Then I met Pen and I was like, well, she’s a woman, she’s clearly gonna be one of my girls …. the poor woman started to look at me with a look as if to say ‘will it ever stop’ (the talking and the words) … I was so confused!

Then something clocked in me (sometimes it takes time!) … why would it be any different – because she’s my partner, who happens to be a woman, should she be my ‘go-to-person’ … my friends are that. I know and knew this – I just got, as I said, confused!

Who knew – same same!

No one can be everything for us – it’s too much pressure and that’s not what we promise each other. I’m not even sure that I really believe in forever, but that’s another conversation.

What I believe in is that we show up – 100% as ourselves – and whatever we bring to the conversation or friendship or relationship – it’s 100% authentic and honest.


Such an interesting science experiment .. and on it goes (thankfully).

I love you. We can do hard things.

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