She’s been out there since 11h35.

Well, first up against the garden fence then under the tree and then she clearly needed to sun herself, in the middle of the garden where she was making her hate for life really clear.

My love called this evening – to catch up on our days and hear about the crew here. I gave running commentary on the lot – and there is a LOT – and then Pen asks about Luna; see above response.

I had the audacity to get the vet round today to trim her feet and give her a hormone injection – which I hasten to add were both overdue because wrestling a pig for either isn’t my favourite pastime!

So, this begs the question that everyone asks me, ‘shame, did you know she was going to be this big’ and my answer is always.

Oh yes.

I wasn’t scammed here – in fact Luna is the reason I know my ‘wife’ and that’s fun!

But back to Luna …. I knew her Mum and Dad (Pot Belly and Wild Boar … do not ask me any more!) so I knew that my Luna would be more than double my weight and still … here she is.

Sleeping in the cupboard, on many tempur mattresses and currently sulking in the garden because she had a pedicure ….

I would like to add to the hilarity of this … my Luna (above said pig) has been a little off her food of late – pictures will tell this is not a great shame BUT because I’m hard-wired to be bossed around by my animals I’m constantly reinventing meals for them to ‘mix it up a bit’ (I mean would you want to eat the same food day in and day out?!)

So, the other morning, Pen and I are going about the early morning feed run of 4 dogs, 3 cats and Luna …. I look in the pantry to think ‘what would she like this morning’ – so I throw some apples, carrots and MARIE BISCUITS in her bowl and sneak it past Pen (she’s not always SO awake in the morning!) … of course, because she’s Luna, she scoffs at it all and throws herself dramatically on her outside tempur bed.

Pen and I are making coffee, chatting into the morning and it’s not even 7am…. because we’re both woman we’re naval gazing again and, over coffee and the dining room table, Pen looks out and sees the dogs are scrapping over Luna’s food so she looks at me and said ‘what did you feed Luna’…

I wonder how much longer I can keep up the facade of muesli, cornflakes, horse feed, fresh fruit, yoghurt menu that Luna has been living off – Marie Biscuits I say….; for a brief moment Pen looks at me and then it’s just hilarity.

I have the fussiest pig on earth and yes I knew she’d be this big!

PS… she’s just come in from her garden sulk to sulk on her inside bed – the sulk continues but her ‘toes’ look good!

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