Blu(e), in all its variants, means so much in my life. It’s my favourite colour, one of my best friends calls me blu, my favourite small person’s eyes are blue, my girlfriend calls me her ‘blue-eyed girl’, the sky and its colour which always makes me look up, is blue, for the most part, and now here’s Blu … the next addition to the crew … Blu and his crew!

He was gifted to us by my first wife, the second part of her she’s shared with me (she’s clearly the better wife) and like most things that are meant to be he arrived, easily and seamlessly and it was like he filled a gap we didn’t know we had.

And he’s brave!

This is a busy house and he’s tiny – at the moment and in his current stature – but that doesn’t stop him. Like all animals, he just doesn’t feel sorry for himself when he gets hurt or picked on or is lost or hungry (god forbid any of this but that’s not this story)

This story is about bravery. I wrote how Luna Lovegood – my much loved and much-missed pig – showed me, again and again, how to be brave. Matilda the brave kind of brave … you know that story? There’s a little bit of all of us in that, right?

But back to Blu.

Last night I was listening to a course my sister kindly shared with me and mid-serious-thought-provoking-sentence in comes Blu – pint-sized to a pixie carrying my ugg boot which is easily 5-times his size and was tripping him up. He stopped, having fallen over, shook himself off and went straight back in to ‘tackle this demon’ (no dog-training comments please!) and I stopped the video and watched him, hand on heart and eyes wide open.

This little guy gives zero-fucks (sorry Mich) about sadness or self-pity or life getting on top of him. This was his mission. No one was going to throw him off his game (well for the 7 seconds a puppy can focus but humour the topic) and I was transfixed. He dragged the boot and proceeded to tackle it – the jerk russles tried to pry him from it, but no such luck. He was on his game.

This morning I’m talking to a friend of mine about ‘insert topic’ and again I saw Blu facing down a ‘fear’ but you see he doesn’t see it that way, he sees it as his goal, his mission, and he’s dedicated to that.

We just need ONE reason to do something – life will fill us with echoes, people will give their ‘concerns’ (mostly judgments’) and everyone else will think they know better than us. But the truth is no one knows us, but us. And it’s no one else’s business.

I say to my girlfriend all the time, you be you, I’ll be me and together we’ll be us. Sounds smart – it isn’t.  It just means, to me anyhow, stay in your lane – focus on you and your life and let people focus on theirs, and together, it’ll all be pretty magic.

Be Blu – be you.

I love you. We can hard things.

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