I was chatting to a fascinating new friend who I met through work – same generation very different upbringing.

Our conversations flow easily and we laugh and he asks questions and offers up information with such ease it feels like we’ve always been talking like this. He always starts what ‘could’ be an awkward question by saying ‘can I ask you something’ I smile and always say of course – we’ve yet to hit a question that the answer has been no!
Today the question did you know you were gay before you met Skye … I said I still don’t think I’m gay I’m just in love with Skye – who happens to be a woman. It made me think of these words which aren’t mine but words often don’t come from us but through us:”We create patterns that others depend on and then the last thing we ever imagine happens. We grow and change and then to stay vital we must break the patterns we created. There is no blame or fault in this. It is commonplace in nature.

The challenge, which I don’t do well but stay committed to, is to say to those we love; “I am more than I have shown you and more than you are willing to see. Let’s work our love and know each other more fully.”

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