You can’t give people what they want but you can give them something else. You can give them understanding – of yourself – there’s truth and connection there and, as women, we need to more honest with ourselves and our loves, everything depends on that. 

If you want into my heart, here’s the truth, I’m hard-wired to present perfect (whatever that is), I’m mostly white-knuckling vulnerability and I wish I could promise my younger friends that it gets easier but I don’t think it does, I think we just get quicker at catching ourselves as we head down the rabbit hole.

I wake up to the endless views and a deep peace that is my home – the other morning was no different; I went about my morning routine of busyness and energy and a million little feet welcoming me to the day. Everything on the surface made sense and was beautiful and perfect (whatever that means) and I don’t ever forget to stop and be deeply grateful.

But once it was all done – the zoo fed, the chores done, the boxes ticked, the day ahead seemed endless and my energy way too little for anything more. So I went back to bed. I pulled the duvet over my head – my spare room is darker and easier to hide from the world in – apparently. 

If you want into my heart here’s the truth… none of us have it figured out and anyone who says they do is lying and we shouldn’t include them in our tribe. Because we all need a tribe – life is hard and lonely and we’re mostly making it up as we go along but there is much love here too

I can promise you this; if you are my friend I will always be your soft place to land. If I’m yours that you’ll hold my hand even when I don’t know I need it.

You can’t give your people what they want but you can give them something else. You can give them understanding. 

Just tell your story. Tell them it all. They’ll understand. You will be fine.

Rabbit holes are one thing, soft places to land are better. 

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